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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Working? 4 Issues & Ways to Fix

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Working? 4 Issues & Ways to Fix

As with any other equipment, your heat pump not working can put a halt to your daily routine and plans. We know how annoying it can be when your heat pump stops working on a freezing winter day or a hot summer day! Is your heat pump not turning on correctly? Is your system not heating up properly? Alternatively, the heat pump may not cool off after use, or it may operate continuously. Don’t worry—we’ll help you solve the problem and get the heat pump up and running again. To help you determine why your system is not heating or cooling your home, we have compiled a list of troubleshooting methods for a heat pump that is not working correctly.

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Heat Pump Troubleshooting Solutions

Whether you’re thinking of getting a heat pump or already have one, it’s a good idea to be aware of heat pump issues. So, it will be important to hear how things go wrong and how to repair them.

The Heat Pump Will Not Turn On

If your heat pump won’t switch on at all, one of these four significant issues is likely the cause. Let’s learn more:

1. Thermostat problems

First and foremost, double-check that your programmable thermostat is set to turn on the heat at the appropriate time. If the settings are set correctly on the thermostat, the issue may be a miscalibration allowing the thermostat to display the temperature incorrectly. If your heat pump is not working, an electrical issue may be preventing the thermostat from interacting with the heat pump. Either way, you’ll need to call a professional technician to service the thermostat.

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2. Loss of Power

A tripped breaker is often the cause of the problem. Test to make sure all of the breakers are in the right place. However, if this occurs on a continuous basis, it is likely to be a symptom of the heat pump’s electrical malfunction. Then you should have it properly serviced by a professional.

3. The Starter Capacitor is Broken

Take a minute to listen to the heat pump. If you can detect a slight clicking noise that happens when the heat pump is meant to be switched on, the issue is probably with the starter capacitor.

The capacitor is responsible for sending the electrical current that is needed to switch on the motors. To prevent damage to wires and parts, do not attempt to perform troubleshooting methods on your heat pump without a certified technician.

4. Broken Reversing Valve

By reversing the refrigerant’s flow path, the reversing valve allows the heat pump to function as both a heater and an air conditioner. If the heat pump switches on when you want cold air, but not heat, this is probably the reason. It will also have to be repaired by a technician.

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The Heat Pump is Not Heating

There are usually three key factors that can cause your heat pump to stop distributing warm air to each room in your house.

1. A Blocked Unit

Heat is drawn into your house by your heat pump from the air outside. Snow, ice, leaves, or other debris will negatively impact airflow to your heat pump. Once the buildup of dirt and debris becomes severe, your heat pump will stop working. The solution is, fortunately, straightforward. Clear away any ice, dirt, snow, and sticks to restore the airflow to your heat pump.

2. A Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are intended to trap dirt and debris, so if too much accumulates, this will impede airflow to the compressor. That is the portion of the unit that heats the air. This really is a simple solution. Check your filter and, if it’s dirty, replace it with a clean one.

3. Refrigerant Levels Are Low

Your heat pump will fail to circulate a sufficient amount of warm air to the interior of your house if the refrigerant levels are too low. If your heat pump runs out of refrigerant, the source of the problem may be a crack or hole in the refrigerant pipes. Call a technician to inspect the heat pump system to check if the levels are sufficient or if the refrigerant needs to be topped recharged.

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The Heat Pump Is Not Cooling the Air

There could be a few reasons why the heat pump isn’t cooling. Much of them are identical to those listed above.

1. Problems With the Thermostat

Check first to see if your thermostat is set to cool. If this is the case, there might be a fault with the thermostat that causes the temperature to be mistakenly read or an electrical problem that prevents the thermostat from interacting with the heat pump.

Incorrect wiring of the thermostat can burn out electronic components, stopping the heat pump from operating properly.

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2. Reversing Valve Is Broken

If you are attempting a couple of different troubleshooting methods to fix a heat pump that is dispensing warm air during the summer season, this is a sign of a problem with your reversing valve. The heat pump in your home should disseminate cold air when the thermostat is set to the correct cooling mode. Again, this is the portion of the heat pump that reverses the refrigerant and allows the system to function as both an air conditioner and heater. If this part is broken, a technician will have to be called to repair it.

3. Dirty Components

If the air coming out is only lukewarm, it’s a positive indication that your parts are dirty and the pump is not operating efficiently. Go outside to clear the heat pump so that it is clear of all debris. Also, check the air filter to see if it has to be replaced.

4. Refrigerant Level Is Low

Your heat pump will fail to cool your home if refrigerant levels are too low or if there is a leak. Call a technician to come out and inspect the coolant levels and any possible leaks.

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The Heat Pump is Running Continuously

There are typically three main reasons your heat pump is running continuously. We set them out below:

1. Extremely Cold Weather

Heat pumps, unlike furnaces, are designed to run more slowly. If the weather is very cold, the heat pump will be able to operate continuously without stopping and with no problems.

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2. Problems With the Thermostat

Once again, make sure the thermostat is set right. It may be a miscalibration issue leading the thermostat to show the wrong temperature or a wiring problem signaling an electrical fault.

Again, in either case, it is best to call a professional to deal with it.

3. A Compressor Contactor Problem

The compressor contactor governs the volume of power supplied to your heat pump. When a heat pump is running continuously, you will need to inspect and fix the compressor contactor to fix the problem. If your cannot find an issue with the compressor and cannot determine why the heat pump is not working, you will need to contact a certified technician.

Heat Pump Repair & Replacement Services

If you use a heat pump on a daily basis, you can run into issues that necessitate maintenance or repairs. The easiest way to enhance the lifespan of your heat pump is to perform maintenance on it once a year. When your heat pump is not working, the source of the problem may be a damaged reversing valve, refrigerant leak, defective starter capacitor, or a contaminated air filter. There are a few easy troubleshooting solutions for heat pump issues, however, several problems are better diagnosed and fixed by a qualified contractor. We offer dependable HVAC services to homes in Florida such as heat pump installation, air conditioning repair, air purification system replacement, and furnace repair. The sooner you fix the issue, the sooner you and your family will be able to unwind and enjoy the conveniences of home. Give our team a call by phone at (904) 217-5694 or schedule an appointment online to have your heat pump serviced by a certified technician. Contact us today!

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