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Plumbing 101: Water Leak Detection

Plumbing 101: Water Leak Detection

Any home can have a plumbing leak appear silently and invisibly. It can sometimes take days, even weeks to see the stain, puddle or leak. They can have ugly, costly, damaging results, especially if not discovered quickly enough.

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To prevent the replacement of walls, ceilings or floors, projects than can cost thousands in a worst case scenario, it is best to discover how to detect leaks before they begin causing a scope of problems this big. Your home plumber in Jacksonville can help with this task.

Begin By Tracking Your Water Meter Readings

Your water meter is there for very good reasons. It can help you discover if you have a leak somewhere in your home. To determine this, simply shut off all faucets and water-using appliances. Don’t flush the toilet during this time. After an hour, see if the water meter reading has changed. If so, you may have a leak.

Next you should check all of the hose connections on all of your water-using appliances. Check them for bulges, drips, cracks and be certain they have a firm seal and connection. Feel and observe the floors under any of these appliances as well. Feel for wet spots and look for discoloration and dampness around or in cabinets and walls near the appliances as well.

Your home plumber in Jacksonville will make a thorough investigation for leaks. The plumber will check tiled walls and floors, looking for missing or damaged grout. He will check for broken, cracked or missing shingles on your roof. He will also check the basement floor for any fissures or cement foundation movement – all signs that plumbing may have moved or shifted which leads to cracks, leaks and long-term damage.

Repairing Leaks Immediately Keeps Your Water Bill Down

The amount of money you save by repairing a leak will often pay for the cost of your home plumber in Jacksonville from Bill Fenwick plumbing. We will not only repair any leaks, we will also provide you with leak detection equipment so your water costs will remain under control from then on.

If you feel you can handle the repair on your own but need guidance, simply give us a call and we can talk you through it. Remember, detecting leaks early-on is critical.

Call Your Home Plumber: Jacksonville Chooses Fenwick Home Services

Your home plumber in Jacksonville is a family-owned business that has been serving the plumbing needs of Jacksonville for almost 50 years.
Bill Fenwick Plumbers know how critical water waste is. This critical topic of discussion has only grown as Americans continue using huge quantities of water in their homes every day.

How much water is considered a huge amount? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), average American families with a minimum of four in the household use up to 400 gallons of water a day. This number is not connected to watering lawns and gardens – 70 percent of American water use is within the home.

A Few Water Facts

According to National Geographic the average American lifestyle is kept afloat by about 2,000 gallons of water a day including watering of lawns and washing of cars in the driveway— and this is actually twice the global average.

This doesn’t include the water people are drinking out and about during their day, or using when frequenting restaurants and others venues of entertainment.

The important thing to understand about why to save water, beyond what it costs in a month, is the need to pledge to cut your water footprint, so as a nation we can help restore our freshwater ecosystems.
Of course, the bathroom is where most water is always used. Every activity in your bathroom utilizes lots of water.  Example: the average toilet uses up to 27 percent of all household water. Save 200 gallons a month by simply turning off the faucet while brushing teeth.
At Fenwick Home Services, your home plumber in Jacksonville, we provide every available plumbing update or repair service available in order to reduce your water waste and cost.

Plan To Schedule A Water Use Audit

We’ll analyze the usage in your home, and then discuss your daily lifestyle requirements and habits with you. We will then customize an efficient and simple plan to help reduce your daily water use and cost.

Out of care and concern for his fellow Florida community members – Bill Fenwick Sr. started his own plumbing services company in 1969. Today, he has served the Florida communities along with his son Bill Jr. by stepping up to every plumbing repair emergency 24 hours a day for almost fifty years.

Whether it is your leaky washing machine hookup or a clogged drain, we will show up any time, day or night, for your overflowing toilet.

Inquire about our other service contracts so that you, too, can be proactive with your home plumber in Jacksonville, Florida.