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Time for a Bathroom Remodel?


When it comes time to increase the value of your home the first place to start is with a remodel. Upgrading the most intensely used areas of your home can lift a home’s value faster than a housing market surge.

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Beautiful, spa-like bathrooms are one of the most desired remodels available. When working with a bathroom remodel, Fenwick Home Services offers design teams who deliver magazine-quality results that catapult your home’s value.

How You Know It’s Time To Remodel

When you find yourself wishing for more room, different colors, a different feel – or if you are having plumbing issues – it may be time to consider a remodel. If you need to increase the value of your home before a resale, you may want to remodel your bathroom.

Your family home plumber in Jacksonville, Florida has been the specialist for your bathroom remodel in Jacksonville for almost fifty years. Bill Fenwick and his son have built Fenwick Home Services into the highest-quality plumbing repair and bathroom remodeling service in the state. Long time Jacksonville residents have been our repeat customers for decades due to these quality standards.

Bathroom Remodeling and Plumbing Repairs are Not Always Expensive

When your budget is the factor slowing your repairs or remodel, simply call for a free consultation. We can plan an approach that meets your budgeting needs. This process begins with the most pressing issue by making an ongoing repair and design plan that takes your budget, timing, family needs and home repair priorities into consideration.

Your bathroom remodel in Jacksonville can deliver the most satisfying comforts for your whole house. Unwinding from a long day in a hot, bubbling jacuzzi is almost as good as having the best lighting and lowest water bills in the neighborhood.

Your highest-quality plumbing company can do everything. From replacing your old tub with a new Jacuzzi or installing new fixtures or cabinets – from replacing the linoleum with ceramic tile or adding another shower – bathroom remodel in Jacksonville is cost effective, value enhancing and delivered on time.

Discover the Ease of Cost Effective Delivery

If you are ready to discover the ease and cost effective approach to plumbing repairs and bathroom remodeling – just call the experts at Fenwick Home Services, Inc.

We are the go-to professionals serving the Jacksonville Florida community for almost fifty years. Our father and son team have been meeting the needs of this community for as long as the frogs have been crossing the roads in the rain.

If your bathtub and toilet are in good shape – make a big difference by doing other smaller improvements. Consider changing out faucets or shower heads for a whole new look. This starts with installing new lighting or a more efficient, artsy shower – a glass door instead of a curtain, or some bright towels on a new towel rack to enhance and enliven the decor.

Get the job done as economically as possible. Simply contact Fenwick Home Services for all the hard work – and do the rest yourself. The options are unlimited. We can step in at any time it becomes overwhelming – or design and install the complete transformation for you in a fast and efficient repair or design delivery.

Fenwick Home Services takes care of your plumbing and remodeling project from start to finish. We especially deliver quality in every context where our customers are concerned.

Our job is also to care for the insurance portion of the remodel. This is done in order to make sure the electrical, drywall, tile, sheet-rock and any painting that needs to be completed can be covered in the insurance approval.

Our staff includes interior design specialists who help design and plan your remodel. We help select the best of available designs for your specific remodel for the fastest, most complete delivery possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our previous projects, do-it-yourself consulting, repairs, or remodeling. Fenwick Home Services is the most cost effective approach to increasing the re-sale value of your home.