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How to Fix an Overflowing Toilet

Why is My Toilet Making a Hissing Noise

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Just like any other fixture in your home, your toilet also needs to be serviced for problem free running. Unlike most other fixtures, the toilet rarely gets any attention unless and until it starts to malfunction. The common issues you face with your toilets might range from clogged toilets, leaky tanks, overflowing toilets, to broken flush valves. There are some symptoms of deeper problems with your toilet that can be noticeable if you’re paying attention.

Common Types of Toilet Issues

Slow draining issues may not be all that evident unless you’re paying attention. Likewise, if the bowl seems to be overfilling, it might be an indication of other serious problems. Other symptoms of a likely serious underlying problem include leaking toilet bowls and water running non-stop. Superficial issues like loose toilet seats or the cistern leaks can be fixed anytime, as they are only nuisances. But issues like overflowing toilets, slow drains, or leaking toilet bowls are serious issues that might even affect your health adversely. So they need to be attended to right away. In Jacksonville Florida, you can get a qualified plumber to come and address these more serious issues.

How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet

In case you have a broken or overflowing toilet, turn off the water supply. Then lift the lid of the tank and lift the float cup to stop water from flowing. If the water doesn’t stop, then turn off the water supply to the house and call the plumber. You can try to remove excess water from your toilet bowl, emptying it into the basin if it’s clean or into a separate bucket if it’s dirty. Then wait till the water level falls back and then dump the waste back in. This will help you to get rid of the waste. If your sewer is backing up, there’s nothing you can do other than calling a plumber. Your home plumber in Jacksonville will come to your rescue in such cases.

If the overflowing toilet is caused by a clog, try to dislodge the blockage with a plunger. Do not use maximum force at the beginning. At first, use minimum force, and keep increasing the pressure until the clog is cleared. If you realize that an object that dropped into the toilet might be causing the block, then try to use an auger – a snake shaped one will work better. If you’re not able to clear the block, then wait for your plumber to come and fix it. Your trained and certified plumber will try to unclog the block; if not, he will then try to remove the toilet bowl and clear the obstruction. Your plumber will come and diagnose the extent of the problem by running a camera through your system, in the worst case scenario. Whatever you do, do not use any chemical de-clogging agents in your toilet bowl. They are meant for other drains, and might cause serious injury when exposed to the fumes found in the septic tank.

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