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What Qualifications Should a Plumber Have?

When you are faced with a perplexing plumbing problem, you turn to the professionals. Stop for a second and think: does your plumber know what he has to do or has he just had some minimal on-the-job training and is winging it? Do you want to take a chance with your precious home when you’re not sure that your plumber is a truly qualified and certified professional? You can check out your local plumbing services company on the internet or with the Better Business Bureau for information about their services and trade practices. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be reassured that you’re hiring a reliable and professional plumber.

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Here are some tips for checking on your plumber in Florida:

  • Your Florida plumber should have a valid contractor’s license.
  • The contractor’s license can be of two types – Certified and Registered.
  • Certified license holders are free to work anywhere in the state of Florida.
  • Registered license holders can work only in those counties where they hold competency certificates.
  • The plumber’s license in Florida can be either Journeyman License or Master Plumber. Apprentice plumbers need not hold a license.
  • To work in Florida as a plumber, you need to have both a contractor’s license and a plumber’s license.
  • If you hold a Journeyman or Master’s plumbing license in one county, you can work in other counties of Florida after you apply for and get a Letter of Reciprocity that makes it legal for you to work anywhere in Florida.
  • The different counties might have some slight differences in their requirement, but mostly there is no need for apprentice licenses.
  • For a Journeyman license, the applicant should be of minimum 18 years of age, paid the license fees, passed the Journeyman license exam, and must be able to provide copies of his W – 2s from a plumbing contractor, along with letters of recommendation and a certificate for the completion of the apprentice program.
  • For becoming a Master Plumber, who can carry out independent work as a plumbing contractor, you should be above 18 years of age, have had a minimum seven years of experience in the plumbing industry, and passed the local licensing exam; some counties also expect the Master Plumber to have taken a Business Ethics exam, as there is a need for it if the plumber wants to work in that county.


The plumbing system of your home is akin to the complicated network of veins and arteries of your body. You always make sure to get a second or third opinion when you visit the doctor and the same applies to plumbing. Make sure that the plumber you are going to trust with the most important internal organ of your home is qualified to take care of it in the most professional and reliable way possible. Always ensure that the plumber that you decide to trust has all the correct and up to date certifications. It never hurts to ask for a couple of references and make sure that previous customers have been left completely satisfied with his or her level of expertise and dedication to the job at hand.

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