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Plumbing Myths Debunked


One of the most important facets to your home is plumbing, because it provides water for laundry, showers, cleaning and much more. Your plumbing also aids in pumping clean water in and dirty water out, so it is extremely important to build your plumbing knowledge. Many have heard facts jumbled with myths when it comes to the complexity of plumbing, so it is very crucial to separate the truth from fiction. Some of the most common plumbing myths that have been debunked are listed below.

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Myth: Low Water Pressure is Normal

Low water pressure is not normal. If you have any sign of low water pressure, it could be a wide variety of issues. This could be that your shower head is too old, the valves are not fully opened, or an even more serious problem of a water leak. A water leak is not only damaging to your plumbing, but can also cause your utility bill to skyrocket. If you discover this has happened, you can receive emergency pipe repair from professional plumbers at Fenwick Home Services. We also offer other plumbing services such as water heater repair, gas line installation, kitchen sink installation, and tankless water heater maintenance. Schedule an appointment to receive assistance with a plumbing repair project.

Myth: Anything and Everything Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals are great for getting rid of many foods, there are still several foods that can cause major damage.

  1. Cooking grease or other coagulating oils or substance can cause many harmful clogs in the future.

  2. Though many blogs may say that citrus fruits, such as lemons are great for making your garbage disposal smell fresh, the citric acid will corrode and rust the metal components of the disposal and possibly the pipes throughout your home. For a fresher, cleaner drain, try warm water with mild dish soap or vinegar.

  3. Banana peels, potato peelings, eggshells, and other outside layers can cause unrepairable damage.

  4. It may be easier to clean up after your morning coffee by dumping it down the sink, but this is also a harmful substance to your appliance.

Look for early warning signs of a future clog, such as food and liquid taking longer to drain, loud noises, and the slowing down of your disposal. Take care of your sink disposal by taking preventative measures to prolong the life of your plumbing.

Myth: In-tank Cleaners are the Easiest and Best Option for Cleanliness

In-tank cleaners seem like they would be an easy way out from having to kneel down and scrub the toilet yourself, but they can eventually cause destruction throughout your plumbing. These cleaners may appear to clean your toilet bowl by bleaching the build-up and getting rid of the smell, but they are not completely getting rid of the bacteria. You need to clean your toilet bowl once a week. One great method you can use is by simply using vinegar and your toilet brush.

Myth: A Plumbing Fixture Can Be Washed With Just Hand Soap and Water

The chemical makeup of soap, while great for cleaning yourself, your dishes, and even your clothes, may do the opposite when it comes to cleaning each plumbing fixture. Regular soap can actually cause peeling or corroding of your pipes. This is why special cleaners are designed specifically for your sinks, showers, pipes, etc. These cleaners will not only clean, but they will also protect the finish on each plumbing fixture.

If your plumbing fixture is made from brass, another option for cleaning would be a gentle homemade solution of baking soda and lemon. For a toilet cleaner, it is best if you get a great disinfectant to kill any germs you would not want lingering around. You can also use the vinegar method listed above.  These cleaners will not damage your plumbing fixture and will make it look great.

Myth: You Cannot Prevent a Clog

It is easier to clog your fixtures than to remove clogs from them. The most common kitchen sink clogs can be caused by pasta or rice, mushy vegetables, or other food particles swelling and getting stuck in the drain.

Shower and bathroom sink clogs are mostly caused by soap scum or hair buildup. Once again, avoid letting these items go down the drain. You can do this by using catch all filters and cleaning them out regularly. To prevent soap scum build up, try running warm water down the drains regularly.

Myth: You Do Not Need a Plumber to Fix Your Plumbing

Sure, many small plumbing issues, such as unclogging your toilet, can be easily fixed with the help of a plumbing manual or a website. However, plumbing fixtures and systems are extremely complex and one small slip up can cause expensive damage. Instead of trying to take on this complicated task on your own, leave it to a professional who knows plumbing systems inside out.

Fenwick Home Services, your local plumbing company, will be more than happy to help you out. Whether it be a plumbing repair, new installations, or anything else, we have your back.

Plumbing problems can happen at any home, any time.  They can happen on any plumbing fixture. For problems you may have a weird feeling about trying to conquer on your own, or are not comfortable with, trust your gut and go with a specialist at Fenwick Home Services. We offer plumbing options such as backflow testing, tankless water heater installation, water softener repair, gas line installation, water line repair, and garbage disposal repair. Contact us anytime for any plumbing needs. Our trained specialists will be happy to help you!

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