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Plumbing: What Not to Do

Plumbing: What Not to Do

There are some plumbing jobs around your home that are easy to fix if you are handy and have the right tools. However, you could make a big mess and even make the problem worse if you make one of these common plumbing mistakes:

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Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

The number one rule before beginning even the most minor of plumbing jobs in your home is to turn off the water. Not turning off the main water supply to your home increases the risk of causing flooding in your home that can lead to severe water damage. If it will inconvenience others in your home, explain how a short time without water is much better than having to deal with long term plumbing problems or flooding.

Not Using the Right Tools

You should always use the right tools for the job. Using the wrong wrench, screwdriver, pliers, channel-locks or other required tools could damage the pipe or plumbing fixture you are working on. This increases the risk of leaks that could cause water damage, which in turn could increase the likelihood of mold and mildew in your home. Before you attempt a plumbing fix, make sure you have all the tools required for the job.

Getting in Over Your Head

Clearing a small clog in your bathroom sink’s p-trap or replacing a showerhead may be an easy fix for you, but trying to replace a toilet in your upstairs bathroom when you’ve never replaced one before can get a little dicey. And so can more difficult repairs like replacing a water heater, fixing pipe leaks or clearing stubborn clogs. One small leak can turn into extensive water and mold damage that could potentially affect your entire home. It is better to call a professional plumber than attempt a repair that is outside of your skillset.

There are numerous things that can go wrong when doing plumbing repairs if you’re not a trained plumber. Some plumbing problems are best left to the experts. If you live in the Jacksonville area, all you need to do is contact Fenwick Home Services to schedule service or repairs.

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