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The Necessity to Hire a Plumber to Install Handicap Bars in the Home

The Necessity to Hire a Plumber to Install Handicap Bars in the Home

Many homeowners see the advantage of hiring a plumber to install safety handicap bars inside the shower or bathtub. These bars work as an effective safety precaution and are often more than just a simple necessity for many households. Based on the specific needs of certain members of the family, there may be ADA requirements that necessitate the need to install handicap bars in the shower. Nearly every public restrooms in the country are designed to accommodate children and adults that require handicap bars.

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Public bathrooms are often equipped with devices, following strict ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, which allows disabled individuals the ability to comfortably use the restroom facilities at many commercial locations. However, households also benefit by installing many of these handicap bars in an effort to help maintain an individual’s balance. The licensed plumbers at Fenwick Home Services have the tools necessary to properly install a handicap bar in your home.

The Benefits of the Handicap Bar

Many balance-challenged individuals require a handicap bar when getting in and out of the bathtub or sitting on the toilet. These types of grab bars are crafted with 1.5” clearance to allow for a better grip when being used. With ample space, the hand can reach around the grab bar for full support. The 1.5” clearance prevents arms and elbows from slipping between the handicap bar and the wall.

ADA grab bars must be designed to have the ability to support 250 pounds of direct weight, and be installed by an experienced plumbing professional. The plumber must install the bar in such a way that it does not rotate or move, and provide continuous sturdy support for the individual that is using it.

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Where to Install Handicap Bars

Traditionally, handicap bars are installed between 33” and 36” above the floor elevation. For younger individuals, plumbers will likely install a handicap bar between 18” and 27” off the floor elevation. Toilets that are installed in narrow stalls must have an installed handicap bar on each side. These bars are traditionally 42” in length, and the plumber will position it approximately 12” out from the rear wall. Most handicap bars are fabricated out of stainless steel, although some of them have a coated finish in a variety of colors and texture grips.

Handicap bars work as an ideal solution for the elderly, the disabled, or those recovering from surgery. They provide much-needed assistance when installed in homes, hospitals, clinics and public restroom facilities. Handicap bars are easy to maintain and keep clean, and because they are designed with stainless steel, they are highly resistant to corrosion. The handicap bars that are manufactured with a glossy finish tend to have less support and require more grip strength to maintain balance.

Need help with a plumbing project? Fenwick Home Services offers plumbing services such as water heater repairwater softener installation, and garbage disposal repairSchedule an appointment to receive assistance with your project. Many individuals realize that as they get older, they lose their agility, and the ability to maintain their balance when getting in and out of the bathtub. Since a plumber can install the bar nearly anywhere, there are numerous locations in the bathroom that work well for installation.

For bathtubs and showers, the bars provide that little extra support that is necessary when stepping in and out of the tub or shower with wet feet. When properly used, they can eliminate any potential for an accidental fall that could cause serious injury. Handicap bars allow individuals to enjoy moving safely about while performing daily activities including taking a shower or using the bathroom facilities.

Handicap bars are a crucial component to maintaining the safety of a disabled or elderly individual that wants to live independently at home. Our plumbers have all the tools necessary to locate a solid substructure to properly install a handicap bar in the home.

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