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What Should You do if You Have a Clogged Drain?


At one time or another, we have all experienced the frustration that comes from discovering a clogged drain in our plumbing. And we’ve tried everything to fix it ourselves, with limited success, in order to save ourselves a little money and hassle. However, try as we might, we can never fully solve a chronic clogging problem on our own.

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What should we do, then, when we find ourselves faced with a clogged drain in our plumbing? Of course, we can resort to attempting a do-it-yourself fix, and we may even get the drain flowing again. But will it flow as well as it used to? Probably not, because many quick fixes simply won’t restore clogged drains to flowing like they did when they were new.

You could use harsh chemicals, but these can damage your pipes, not to mention the effects on your health from the toxic fumes these chemicals release. Instead of trying chemicals, see if hot water and dishwashing liquid can get the drain to flow again. At least if this remedy doesn’t work, neither you nor the plumber you may have to call will be forced to try to work in a basin full of dangerous substances. However, never use chemicals or the hot water method if the drain is completely clogged, with no flow whatsoever.

Chances are, even if you get your drains unclogged and flowing again, you haven’t solved the underlying problem behind the clog. For instance, you could have a narrowing of the pipes cause by years of buildup. You may get your drains to flow, but they will still be impeded and likely to clog again.

There could also be other problems with your plumbing system. A low spot, for example, will continuously collect debris, and trap grease and oils, which can build up and cause a blockage over time. Even though you may be able to clear the entire blockage and return your plumbing to a free flowing state, this buildup will continue, eventually clogging again.

It is the same story for broken pipes, you may free them for a while, but debris like soil and roots are going to continue to cause blockages.

The best solution is to call for a professional plumbing technician to diagnose and fix your plumbing problems. Calling a competent plumber in Jacksonville may cost more, but for the peace of mind of a perfectly operating plumbing system, it is well worth the cost over doing it on your own.

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