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Why Fenwick Home Services was Named One of the Top Plumbers in Jacksonville


There are many qualified plumbing companies that Jacksonville, FL home and business owners can call. All of them merit some kind of mention; however, when talking about the top 10 in customer service, quality of workmanship, and just plain being there when they are needed, we need to talk about us.

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We at Fenwick Home Services, Inc. are a growing family of actual family members. With two generations of certified and professional technicians, we have been servicing North Florida’s plumbing needs for over 40 years.

We go the extra mile with our “Golden Plunger Service,” a mark that requires integrity, honesty and exceeding our client’s expectations in all areas. The inclusion of our company in top ten lists in Northeast Florida and the thoughtful comments about our service on review sites will testify to our commitment to quality service and on-time delivery.

All of the plumbing companies Jacksonville FL home and business owners can call must undergo rigorous schooling, practicums, testing, and industry certifications. That is standard for working in this professional and knowledgeable field. However, we go beyond the status quo in order to change the look and feel of the plumbing industry for the better. Being the prime mover in these changes, Fenwick Home Services, Inc. has been the leader in breaking the stereotype of plumbers who may do the job correctly and to code, but were not at all approachable and not the least bit friendly.

See our checklist of professional services that we provide with your safety and satisfaction in mind:

  • Residential Plumbing Services: Most of the plumbing companies that Jacksonville FL residents can call will come and deal with some of these tasks. However, we can arrive on time, and ready to handle all of them. These will include drain cleaning as well as sewer cleaning, if that is the issue. We also service tasks, such as fixing your garbage disposal to performing whole house faucet repairs, installations, and plumbing inspections to help make sure the entire system is free of malfunctions and working properly.
  • Commercial Plumbing: Plumbing problems occurring in your commercial building will not only idle personnel but will also idle the income-producing activities they are involved in. We make sure we get there fast. Our stated goal to find and repair the problem is what keeps our number on our loyal business clients’ speed dials. We take care of everything that comes up, from broken supply pipes to commercial sinks, clogged floor drains, and problems with back-flow installations.
  • Emergency Plumbing Services: Trying to get some of the plumbing companies Jacksonville FL has listed in the phone book for emergency service calls have brought in mixed results. We are available for these calls every hour of every day of the year. We know that plumbing problems can make for a very uncomfortable home or office. We also know that our clients, and potential clients, need the healthy operation of a properly working water and waste disposal system, even in the middle of the night. A large percentage of the time, these emergency services will include broken pipes in crawl spaces or basements and sub floors in commercial establishments. Overflowing toilets can get messy quickly and leaking faucets are not something you can sleep through. Clogged drains and backed up sewers make for health issues and need immediate attention.
  • Tank-less Water Heaters and Complete Bathroom Remodeling are just a few more services we offer. These water heaters are becoming more and more popular, and we would like to discuss with you the energy savings they represent. The remodeling of the room that every one visits at least once each day, at home or the office, can be planned with you, to reflect your needs, your budget and the latest in water and energy-saving technologies.

We, out of all of the plumbing companies Jacksonville FL has licensed and certified for doing business in the Sunshine State, take your plumbing issues to heart. Since we are a family-owned and operated business, we know the value of family and what a promise really means and compels us every hour of the day and night.

Please contact Fenwick Home Services, Inc. to discuss your needs and to schedule a quick inspection of all plumbing elements within your facility.