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5 Questions to Ask a Plumber Prior to Hiring

Are you having recurring problems with your toilet? Or maybe you have a bigger problem that needs the attention of a professional Jacksonville plumber? It is important to find a plumber in Jacksonville that is not only affordable, but reliable and skilled. Before you get on the phone and call to compare companies, have these five questions ready.

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Is the plumber licensed and insured?

This is the most important question to ask any plumbing company before they start working on anything. A licensed plumber is required to meet all of the requirements of the state construction boards. Don’t just take their word for it, be sure they are licensed. The problem with an unlicensed plumber in Jacksonville, is that your plumbing may not pass inspection and you will have little recourse for making the choice to hire that plumber. In the event of any mishaps, the company should also have full insurance. If something happens, they should be able to cover your property damages.

Who is doing the work?

Ask the plumber giving you the quote if he or she will be doing the work or if someone else will be coming in to do it. Many professional companies have employed more than one plumber and it is possible someone else will be returning to complete the job. For larger jobs, it is also possible a team may be doing the work. If the plumber that you are speaking with is not going to be performing your plumbing work, ask him who will. In addition, find out about their level of experience and what qualifications the person has. If you can’t get the details or you don’t like the answer, you may need to check out another company.

Does the plumber offer a guarantee?

reputable plumber in Jacksonville will back up their work, bottom line. Before you sign any agreements, ask the company if they have a guarantee or warranty. And always be sure the guarantee or warranty is in writing and that the company is bonded and insured. Find out what the limits are; some companies may have a limited time on their warranties, or the guarantee may be limited to certain conditions. Also, ask if they offer money back.

Will the plumber come out for an inspection before doing the job?

When you call for assistance, ask if the plumber will come out to inspect your problems first. The only way to be accurate about the job is for the plumber to be in front of the task at hand. Without a proper inspection, problems can be overlooked, causing you the hassle of calling out a plumber again. This will also help reduce the chances of any unexpected, added costs.

Who cleans up the mess?              

This may seem like something that shouldn’t even have to be asked. But, many times when a plumber finishes a task, the mess is left behind. Don’t get stuck with an unexpected pile of old parts, unused materials, or a big mess. Ask the plumber if cleanup is included with the service. Some companies may charge an extra fee for the clean-up, but the cost may be worth it.

If your water bill is higher than it should be, or when you can’t do the job yourself and need a plumber, keep these questions in mind. It also never hurts to do your research. You could save yourself not only time and money, but also the possibility of inadequate services.