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Why Hire a Professional to Install Plumbing Fixtures

Why Hire a Professional to Install Plumbing Fixtures

If you want to add new plumbing fixtures, like a new sink or an upgraded shower, to your home, it can be tempting to put them in yourself. After all, following along with an online guide seems easy and doesn’t seem like it would come with too many problems. 

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However, there is a reason people choose to go with professionals instead for plumbing fixture installation. This article will cover some of these reasons and explain the problems that can arise by taking on a plumbing job by yourself. 

Professional Plumbing Advantages

While trying to install a fixture yourself might seem easy, there are several reasons to choose a professional plumber instead. Most of these boil down to the advantages plumbers hold over the average person. 


Better Tools

Most people have a modest toolbox to use when tackling plumbing jobs. Meanwhile, professional plumbers have a wide range of advanced tools specifically designed for plumbing. 

You might not even have the right tools for the job. Taking on the job yourself may result in you having to buy new tools, an expense that isn’t necessary if you go with a professional. 

Maintain Warranties

Some fixtures have warranties backing them up that don’t allow just anyone to work on them. These warranties normally require professional plumbers to take on the job. So, if you work on the fixtures, it can void the warranty, but having a professional work on them can leave it intact. 

Avoid Damage

Going into a plumbing job without the right experience is a great way to cause damage. You could twist a bolt too tight and cause it to break or damage the pipes that connect to the fixture you are working on. You may end up needing to fix a water leak that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. 

Meanwhile, professionals know what they are doing and how to avoid damaging what they are working with. This means you just have to worry about your new fixture rather than any potential damage that is coming with it. 

Skills and Experience

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the average person and a professional plumber is the gap in skills and experience. A plumber will have in-depth skills and experience when it comes to a job. They know how to install shower fixtures, install kitchen fixtures, install bathroom fixtures, and install anything else you throw at them. This allows them to get it right the first time, as they have probably completed similar jobs dozens of times in the past. 

Avoid Future Costs

A lackluster installation can lead to future costs down the road. Problems may surface sooner than expected, or more problems may result from things that went wrong with the installation. In either case, this can necessitate hiring a plumber to fix bigger problems in the future. Meanwhile, going with a professional in the first place could have avoided these issues. 

Faster Installation

It will take a while for the average person to install a fixture. They have to research the problem, go out and buy supplies, potentially buy tools, and then spend time actually trying to conduct the installation. 

Meanwhile, a plumber understands the problem from the start, already has supplies and tools, and will conduct the installation as quickly as possible. All this leads to drastically less time spent waiting for the fixture to be available. So, if you want to actually use your fixtures in a reasonable amount of time, going with a professional plumber is the best choice. 

Choosing the Right Plumber

While a professional plumber can install plumbing fixtures with ease, this doesn’t mean that every professional plumber is a good one. There are options out there that are clearly better than others. Making the right choice for your plumber allows you to take advantage of the most benefits when it comes to going with a professional. 

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Why Hiring a Professional Plumber Is the Right Choice

Why hire a professional plumber? The reasons are numerous. Whether you want a professional to avoid damaging your house or just want to get the job done right and done quickly, hiring a professional is the clear choice. 

When it comes to professionals, Fenwick Home Services is the best of the best. So, make sure you consider us if you want to install new plumbing fixtures or are in need of any other plumbing services.