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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Humming Noise?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Humming Noise?

Top Causes of Air Conditioner Humming Sounds

Is your air conditioner making a humming noise somewhere on the inside? It could be that the condenser fan motor is seizing up or that the contractor relay switch is malfunctioning. Or maybe some miscellaneous parts have loosened up over the years or gotten covered in a layer of ice? Otherwise, if your circuit breaker is being overworked, it can sometimes trip and cause the air conditioner to start humming too.

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How To Fix an Air Conditioning Humming Noise

If you notice a humming noise inside your air conditioner, there’s only one tried-and-true way to find a solution. Call an HVAC repair professional like those at Fenwick Home Services. We’re able to troubleshoot the issue without creating more damage to the unit and endangering the integrity of your home or the safety of your family. So if you hear your air conditioner humming: don’t try to fix it yourself. Turn it off and contact us straight away before you get any DIY ideas of your own.

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3 Other Types of Air Conditioner Noises and How To Fix Them

There are other noises your air conditioner can make (besides humming) to indicate that things aren’t working properly. Here are a few of the biggest ones to keep your ears peeled for.


A light hissing sound is normal with air conditioners, as air is rushing through them whenever they operate. However, if it’s very loud, or if there’s a gurgling sound too, you could be dealing with a cracked or leaking tube that’s allowing air to escape out.


Are you hearing a whiny, screeching noise being emitted by your AC system? Can you tell if it’s occurring while the AC is starting up or running? If so, alert the Fenwick technical team on what you’ve noticed so we can determine whether it’s the compressor, fan motor, bearings, or something else causing the noise.


While it can be a little jarring, any rattling that’s coming from your AC could just be a loose door or part. Really, this is more of an annoyance than a threat to your system. If you don’t see anything when you inspect it, get in touch with us. It could be that something is inside your ducts or that your fan blades are bent.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

Just because your air conditioner makes a humming noise inside, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s done for. Our team of technical experts offer unmatched air conditioning repair, installation, and tune-up services. With our team taking care of your home, you can rest assured you’re getting the best HVAC repair solution for the best value. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the better. Call us at (904) 467-7504 or reach us on our website to set up a visit.

We also offer other types of HVAC and plumbing services such as sump pump replacement, furnace repair, sink installation, and water heater repair. If your air conditioner is producing a humming noise, our team will provide easy and convenient HVAC repair services to keep your household comfortable and relaxing.

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