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5 Types of Air Conditioner Odors & Ways to Fix Them

5 Types of Air Conditioner Odors & Ways to Fix Them

Different Types of Air Conditioner Smells & Troubleshooting Methods

If your central air conditioner smells like chemicals and other bad odors, you most likely have an HVAC problem on your hands. Although strong odors aren’t always a sign of crisis, you should take them seriously and have an experienced technician perform an inspection of your central air conditioning system.

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Rotten Egg Odor

Of all the foul air conditioner smells, a sulfuric or “rotten egg” smell wafting out of your AC unit indicates one of the most severe issues. Your gas company purposely adds this smell, so it’s easier for you to spot a gas leak and immediately call them for an inspection. Before doing that, you’ll need to open all the windows and leave your home with your family and pets straight away.

Chemical Odor

Whenever your central air conditioner smells like chemicals such as paint thinner or formaldehyde, we suggest giving us a call. Our air conditioning specialists are happy to come to your home and provide our expert insight as to what may be making your system smell or malfunction and how to fix it.

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5 Types of Air Conditioner Odors & Ways to Fix Them

Burning Odors

If there are burning smells coming out of your air conditioner, do not panic. Sometimes, after sitting for a while, the mixture of chemicals, metals, and dust may emit this scent for the first 20 or 30 minutes it operates. If your air conditioner smells like chemicals at the beginning of the summer season, we recommend you let your air conditioner operate for a couple of minutes and if the smell does not disappear, give our staff a call.

Exhaust Odors

The burning of oil and other fluids found in your AC system can produce toxic exhaust fumes if there’s any leakage going on. To prevent the situation from escalating and to maintain the health and safety of your household, get in touch with a licensed technician if you notice an exhaust smell near your air conditioner.

Moldy Odors

You will start to notice a rotten smell in your home when mold starts to grow in your air conditioner. This air conditioner smell can occur when a drainage blockage allows condensation to sit, pool, and breed mold or mildew. To minimize your risk of respiratory issues, call a certified contractor to conduct maintenance on your system..

5 Types of Air Conditioner Odors & Ways to Fix Them

4 Top Air Conditioner Issues

The top four problems that our Fenwick Home Services repairmen see on the job are frozen evaporator coils, malfunctioning fans, refrigerant leaks, and drain blockages. Our advanced air conditioning repair services can keep your air conditioner running in tip-top shape by circulating warm air over the frozen coils. As for fans, we can clean off debris, replace faulty motors or worn belts, and lubricate them. We’ll also inspect and repair lines to prevent leaks and perform regular drainage maintenance. Those AC issues don’t seem so tough now, do they?

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Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services

Everyone loves a high 70s kind of a day in the summertime, but not inside the house. The staff at Fenwick Home Services offers unmatched air conditioning repair, installation, and tune-ups services. In addition, we offer other types of heating and plumbing repair services such as sump pump installation, water heater repair, water line replacement, and furnace repair. Your family can trust us to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. Just call Fenwick Home Services at (904) 217-5694 or book an appointment online to receive support.