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8 Ways To Keep Your Upstairs Cool During the Summer Season

8 Ways To Keep Your Upstairs Cool During the Summer Season

How to Increase Airflow to the Second Floor in Your Home

Have a hotter upstairs? Sure, you can blast the air conditioner during those sultry summer days. But no matter how hard you try, you may still fail to disperse cool temperatures evenly on every floor of your home. Not to mention, you’ll use up a ton of energy, spiking your utility bill. So what should you do? Don’t leave your family dodging the second floor because of the heat. Save some money and find more energy-efficient solutions using these eight tips on how to keep your upstairs cool in the summer.

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Keep Windows Open at Night

Wondering how to increase airflow to the second floor? It can drop in temperature during the night in Virginia. Use this to your advantage by cracking open a window slightly on the lower level and widely opening one on the second floor. Then, place a fan on the second floor to suck the hot air out since heat rises.


Grill Outside Instead of Using the Oven or Stove

Rather than cranking up the heat indoors by using your stove, an easy way to keep your upstairs cool in the summer is to grill outside on extremely hot days. You can grill meat, vegetables, pizza, and almost anything you’d use the stovetop or oven for.

Activate the Furnace Fan Motor

The furnace fan isn’t just for heat. It can run separately from the heating process to distribute the air on your lower or main level upwards. To keep the upstairs section of your home cool, activate the fan motor to distribute air to each room in your house.

Plant Trees & Other Plants Around the House

This one comes with some serious perks but also some drawbacks. Planting trees, shrubs, bushes, vines, and other greenery right outside your house is an ideal way to keep the upstairs portion of your house cool in the summer. In addition, investing in trees will increase the amount of refreshing shade on your property and limit direct sunlight. Not to mention it looks beautiful. However, plants of this nature do need to be maintained to keep from growing unkempt.

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Programmable Thermostat

Optimize Air Conditioner With a Programmable Thermostat

If your AC is going to come on, there are better ways to do it than manually turning it on once it’s gotten too hot. If you are looking for ways to keep the upstairs cool, install a programmable thermostat to obtain efficient climate control. Try setting your temperature higher at 75-77 degrees. It may feel too hot at first, but stick it out for a week and see if you adjust so you’ll rely on it less.

Keep Interior Doors Open

Keep all your interior doors open to increase the airflow on your second floor. Otherwise, heat gets trapped in certain rooms and walking into them feels like a sauna. When it comes to keeping your house cool, airflow can only help you.

Activate Fans in Bathrooms

Most people know you should turn on the bathroom exhaust fan whenever you shower. However, you should leave it on for as much as 20 or 30 minutes after your shower so that the humidity doesn’t linger. Since these fans are pretty straightforward, they won’t run up your energy bill either.

Air Filter

Change Air Conditioner Filters Continuously

Everyone says it because it’s true: you should regularly change your AC filters. Swap your air filters every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your upstairs cool in the summer and to ensure airflow is not hundred by dust. We recommend knowing your filter size and having a couple handy for quick changes.

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Want more tips on how to keep upstairs cool in summer? These are some commonplace issues that could make a big difference: having just one thermostat, damaged ductwork, and the wrong-sized air conditioning unit.

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Having one for each floor of your home and a central control panel makes it easier to find a consistent home temperature. Locate and replace your ducts with the help of a Fenwick Home Services repairman to optimize the amount of cold air you get. We can also verify that your air conditioner is the right size so that it won’t be too small to cool everything or too big to realize it hasn’t finished its job.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and Tune-Up Services

The summer heat is no match for the air conditioning service experts at Fenwick Home Services. Our trusted professionals are capable of performing air conditioning repair, installation, and tune-up services at the highest level of quality. In addition, we offer other types of HVAC and plumbing services such as water line installation, water heater repair, and furnace repair. We are committed to helping you achieve absolute comfort at the most affordable prices. Interested in learning more? Call the staff of plumbers and technicians at Fenwick Home Services by phone at (904) 217-5694 or book an appointment online to receive assistance.