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6 Types of Water Leaks You Should Be Familiar With

6 Types of Water Leaks You Should Be Familiar With

Have you ever noticed the sound of water dripping in your house? Fortunately, there are water leak solutions that are simple, effective, and don’t cost much money. Most plumbing leaks can be handled by homeowners by utilizing various types of tools and products. However, it may be necessary on some occasions to call a licensed plumber to fix a leak. To help you prevent the negative consequences of water damage in your house, we have summarized 6 types of water leaks and how to fix them.

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 6 Types of Water Leaks You Should Be Familiar With

Shower Fixture Water Leaks

If you notice a water leak near your shower fixture, perform an inspection to confirm if you are able to find broken caulk lines. As your shower fixture becomes older, it is not uncommon for water to leak onto the other side of the frame. To fix this type of plumbing leak, scrape off the old caulk and run a new bead of it around the shower fixture to seal up any fractured crevices and holes.

Bathtub Drainage Water leaks

To fix this type of leak in a bathtub, remove the drain flange and clean it. Next, you should also remove the rubber gasket located beneath the tub’s drain hole. Buy a replacement gasket that matches the old version and install it in the same location. Once the drain flange and rubber gasket are installed, apply a small amount of silicone caulk to the drain to prevent water leakage below your tub.

 6 Types of Water Leaks You Should Be Familiar With

Water Pipe Leaks Behind Walls

Issues such as discolored grout and loose shower tiles may be caused by a water pipe leak behind the walls in your bathroom. To fix this plumbing leak, you will be required to remove the tiles, grout, or caulk in your shower. Once the tiles in your shower have been removed, perform an inspection of the drywall to confirm if it’s moist or wet. If you notice water marks or mold on the wall, this is an indicator of a water pipe leak.

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To fix a water leak, you will need to remove the drywall to replace the pipe. After the pipe is replaced in the wall, purchase and install new backer board in your shower. Next, you should install tile or fiberglass on top of the backer board in your shower. Loose shower tiles are not always an indicator of a water pipe leak. In some cases, the tiles in your bathroom may become loose due to age and usage. If you notice loose shower tiles, mold, or damaged grout, it’s important to fix these issues before they become more severe.

Toilet Leaks

Nobody likes a toilet leak. It can cause water damage to the subfloor, joists, or even the ceiling in the room below. To combat this type of water leak, you will need to reinstall your toilet with a brand new ring of wax. If the toilet sits uneven, be sure to add toilet shims to correct the issue. Do you notice a broken bolt slot or flange? We recommend performing a new metal flange installation to remediate this issue.

Sink Water Leaks

To prevent damage to the beautiful counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom, tighten the base of your sink to prevent a water leak. Next, scrape away any old caulk around the sink and apply a fresh coat. Prior to using the kitchen or bathroom sink, you will need to secure the fixture to the countertop with the clips located beneath the sink rim to prevent a water leak.

 6 Types of Water Leaks You Should Be Familiar With

Water Supply Leaks

A water supply leak may go unnoticed for years, leaving the sink base rotting or causing damage to both the floor and framing. To fix this type of fixture or water pipe leak, check the water shutoff valve to confirm if it’s leaking. If you notice a water leak, adjust the valve to stop the flow of water. In a worst case scenario, you may need to replace the water shutoff valve to stop the leak.

Next, check the compression valve to confirm if you notice a water leak. Perform the necessary adjustments to this valve. Coat the gasket with Teflon joint compound before putting the connection back together again.

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