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Thanks to Bad Reviews, Fenwick Home Services is a Better Business

Thanks to Bad Reviews, Fenwick Home Services is a Better Business

Digital and mobile platforms like Facebook, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and many more, have been a great place for our satisfied customers to express their approval of the longstanding history of our plumbing company and quality services in Northeast Florida.

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With our modern, digital lifestyles, a plumbing company’s reputation these days is defined largely by what appears from a Google search result or on social media. Nowadays, it is more important than ever for businesses to maintain and develop their online reputation.

But, from time to time, a customer has left us a bad review. Because, let’s face it, the longer you are in business, and the more customers you have dealt with, the chances increase that someone will inevitably leave a bad review. Plus, technology has brought the world together. On the rare occasion that a customer has decided to write a bad review about our plumbing contractors online, we have addressed their concerns.

What has been our response to reading a bad review of our business or services online?

It has been important, as a local plumbing company, for us to be aware of what our customers say about us. That is why we have always responded in an apologetic way and have always offered a solution.

Receiving a bad review has given our business a platform to respond in a way that shows our customers that our plumbing contractors will always make things right. Furthermore, consistently approaching and immediately resolving negative feedback about our water heater repair, repiping, sump pump maintenance, and other plumbing services has shown that we are a business that cares.

Generally, the regular practice of monitoring reviews closely has allowed us as a business to understand how we can improve on a constant basis. In addition, not ignoring our customers has truly given our business a chance to understand our customers and their needs. The occasional bad review has compelled our team to provide service in such a way that prevents customers from ever having a reason to write another bad review about our business. Reading and responding to bad reviews has positioned our business to be the industry leader that we are.

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Fenwick Home Services, Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida, business that has been offering service to customers on the First Coast for 40 years. We are a customer­oriented company that arrives on time, uses only quality parts and does the work right the first time. With our knowledge and experience at your side, you can rest assured that our service is backed by the know­how and response of two generations of certified plumbers.

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