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Bizarre Things Plumbers Have Found in Toilets

Bizarre Things Plumbers Have Found in Toilets

Plumbers can be lifesavers that help people get their homes back in top shape when dealing with plumbing issues like drain clogs, leaks, malfunctioning water heaters, or broken pipes. Of the many possible plumbing problems a homeowner may encounter, the most common is clogged toilets.

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Excess paper products and sewage are common reasons a toilet might back up, but some days, what plumbers find might surprise you. Keep reading to learn a few of the weirdest things plumbers have found flushed down toilets.

Cell Phones

A big problem in public places, cell phones can slip out of a busy person’s hand and go right into the toilet. Time it just wrong and it might get flushed, at least partially. Unfortunately, most cell phones can’t survive a trip through the pipes and back, even if a savvy plumber is able to retrieve it.

The lesson is that you should wait to make that call or send that text until you’re safely out of the restroom!

Expensive Jewelry

A broken clasp on a necklace or a ring that’s just a little too big can easily fall into a toilet when you’re not expecting it. While it might not be the weirdest thing on this list, some plumbers find pieces of jewelry with incredibly high values left in toilets.

Next time you lose something expensive make sure you stick around. A lot of plumbers can retrieve items like jewelry so that you’re not taking a loss. Just make sure you wash your expensive jewelry well before you wear it again.


Bad breakups, forgotten friends, and lost family members may all be reasons people flush pictures down the toilet. The problem is that paper like this – the non-toilet variety, that is – won’t break down very quickly and can easily cause a clog.

We suggest burning them, or better yet, recycling that paper instead of flushing it.


Does this sound familiar: a scene in a movie where the police bust down a door as somebody is trying to flush a huge bag of drugs? Well, it’s real. Bags of marijuana are one of the stranger things that plumbers find when dealing with a clog, particularly in places like airports.

The main problem with the clog isn’t the marijuana, which might break down in the water, but the plastic bags involved! Syringes are also common finds for plumbers who work in public places. Luckily many plumbers have tools that allow them to work without using their hands to manage a clog.


Why somebody would flush a wig down a toilet we’ll never know. Plumbers do have stories of retrieving them from toilets though, which makes us wonder if we’re missing something about the wide world of wig wearers.

It seems like the trash can would be a better way to do dispose of a wig, right?


It’s not uncommon for small animals like pet fish or frogs to get flushed. Unfortunately, they often get stuck in toilets or piping, causing clogs that require expert help to remove. In the weirdest – or scariest – cases, people have found possums, rats, and snakes in their toilets.

Don’t believe Finding Nemo – fish can’t always “just keep swimming” and make their way through the plumbing.

Clogged toilets are part of life for plumbers, but you can make life easier, or at least a little less weird, by never flushing the items above. Stick with toilet paper and get your pipes checked regularly by the pros so you don’t have to deal with bizarre clogs at all. Need assistance with a plumbing project? We offer plumbing maintenance services such as sewer line repair, garbage disposal installation, gas line replacement, and water softener repair. Schedule an appointment to receive assistance with your project.

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