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Top 6 (Not Gross) Things People Are Doing on the Toilet


Let’s get real for a moment. While it might seem like a strange topic to bring up, most people often spend their time sitting on the toilet doing other things. And why not, there are only so many hours in the day, so for some it is out of necessity, while for others it could simply be out of boredom or the sanctuary of having a quiet moment to themselves. Below are six common things that people do while sitting on the toilet.

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#1 – Read

Ever hear someone refer to the bathroom as the “reading room?” According to a recent survey by Verizon, 90 percent of mobile phone users admit to reading in the bathroom. Another study found that most adults are toilet readers with most being well-educated and white-collar professionals. Trying to finish up that last chapter of your book without being interrupted? Head to the bathroom and lock the door!

#2 – Finally Clear that Game Level

Trying to hide your Candy Crush addiction or furiously battling zombies in Into the Dead? It is easy to lose track of time playing games on your phone while sitting on the toilet. And that is okay, no one is judging. Go right ahead, clear that level and emerge from the bathroom victorious over those brain munchers.

#3 – Making Calls You Have Been Putting Off

No one likes to sit on hold. And when nature calls, many people bring the phone along for the ride. So, if you need to make a call to the cable company, are stuck on a boring work call or are being lectured by your mother on the phone, your phone’s mute button comes in handy when it is time to flush.

#4 – Watching Videos

There are only so many hours in the day. The time spent sitting on the toilet gives many people the opportunity to check out the latest viral videos that they have been waiting for a quiet moment to watch.

#5 – Social Media Check-In

In a recent ABC News poll, one-third of the people who responded said that they use their social media while sitting in the bathroom. And of those who admitted this, 92 percent say they check their Facebook.The reason for doing many say is to avoid being bored and for fear that they are missing out on the latest updates.

#6 – Check and Respond to Emails

In a survey to better understand people’s smartphone habits, it was found that almost 39 percent use their bathroom time to check and respond to emails. But this number is likely to be misleading. According to thePew Research Center, when asked about socially undesirable behaviors (like sitting on the toilet using the phone, but hey, nobody is judging here) people are likely to not admit to the behavior.

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