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Keep Your Toilet Bowl Naturally Clean

Keep Your Toilet Bowl Naturally Clean

You embrace a healthier life by eliminating additive-laden foods, and unsafe chemicals in your home.  Reading labels, googling ingredients and weighing the choices you have has become a way of life for consumers all over the Sunshine State.  Paying attention to those foods and products you bring into your home and making sure they’re not harmful can take a lot of time. But, if it keeps your home and family safe and healthy, you don’t mind a bit.

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When it comes to your toilet bowl, homeowners in and around the Jacksonville area wage a constant battle against that slimy pink mildew that seems to develop at the waterline, practically overnight. No matter how often you clean your toilet bowl, the ring-of-disgust shows up, repeatedly.  Not to mention the daily dirt and debris that accumulates from regular use.

Like many clean-conscious homeowners, you count on caustic cleansers to tackle the job.   Most of these toilet bowl cleaners come with a long list of cautions, warning of the toxic nature of the product.  Thought to be harmless, these cleaners can create dangerous fumes, especially when used in conjunction with other cleaning solutions.  Many are not recommended for use in homes with septic tanks, or certain types of pipes.

The Cause of Plumbing Problems

Products designed to keep your toilet clean can actually damage components of your plumbing system, creating cracks, water leaks in your pipes, and literally disintegrating the plastic and rubber pieces in the tank.  If your toilet appears to be leaking, doesn’t flush properly, or runs on, no matter what you do, contact the professionals at Fenwick Home Services, Inc, right away.

Fenwick Home Services has been helping homeowners in the Jacksonville area maintain their ‘flush’ since 1969.  Our team of licensed plumbing technicians can inspect your toilet, repair any issues, and have you “good to go” in no time at all.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our team also offers other services such as water softener repair, kitchen sink installation, drain cleaning, and septic tank repair. Schedule an appointment to receive assistance with your plumbing issues.

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Ways to Keep Your Toilet Bowl Naturally Clean

Ways to Keep Your Toilet Bowl Naturally Clean

Keeping your toilet bowl fresh and mildew-free doesn’t have to include harmful chemicals.  There are several ways to maintain a crystal clear and odor-free toilet by using everyday ingredients, from your pantry, or laundry room shelf.  Here are a few:


Nature’s cleaner, white vinegar, is an excellent way to make your bowl sparkle.  Regularly pour a cup into the tank and it will freshen and deodorize with every flush.  The tank’s water will dilute the vinegar enough so it’s distinct odor won’t be apparent.

Denture Cleaner

Safe, non-toxic denture tabs, dropped into your toilet tank, will clean and deodorize your toilet.  For tough stains, drop a tab in the toilet bowl and leave it overnight.  In the morning you can easily flush away those nasty stains.

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Long used as a laundry additive to clean and destroy odors, Borax is safe and natural.  Pour a cup in your tank to get rid of rust stains and add a cup into your bowl before bed.  Do this a few times a week for a clean, fresh toilet bowl.

How do you clean the toilet tank with baking soda?Baking Soda

Baking soda, left in the bowl overnight, will make even the toughest stains scrub right off.  How do you clean the toilet tank with baking soda? Pair a 1/2 cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar and you’ll increase the sparkle and cut the odor.

Any of these natural cleaners leave your toilet bowl fresh without harming your plumbing.  For persistent stains, scrub your toilet thoroughly, using a paste of 1/2 cup baking soda, and 2-3 tablespoons of liquid castile soap, then follow up with one of these natural cleaners.  For problems with your toilet’s function, or to replace a damaged, stained, and ugly toilet bowl, contact Fenwick Home Services, Inc, We also offer other plumbing services such as gas line repair, water line installation, backflow inspections, water heater repair, toilet repair, and garbage disposal installation. Book an appointment with our team to receive help with a critical plumbing problem. Our team of licensed plumbers offers emergency plumbing services areas of Florida such as Atlantic Beach, Saint Augustine, Saint Johns, Jacksonville, and Fleming Island.

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